About Pool Test Kits Canada

The Best Test Kits For Your Pool

Pool Test Kits Canada is committed to ensuring you have the safest pool and spa water for your family and guests to enjoy.

We provide water test kits and test strips to thousands of homeowners across Canada.

There are four main reasons our customers buy from us:

  • We only sell Taylor Technologies water test kits and test strips – the most trusted name in water testing.
  • We take the time to educate on water testing – check out our Water Testing page
  • We respond quickly by email – so you’ll get your answers fast.
  • We ship across Canada every night so you can get your products fast.

Taylor Test Kits

  • are accurate with very dependable chemistry
  • have durable kit components
  • have simple test instructions
    are value priced

Taylor Test Strips

  • go to testing method for pool and spa owners
  • dry chemistries used are as reliable as Taylor’s Liquid Reagents
  • easy to read – no technical know how required